leading from confidence

there’s a certain disposition that you need when things start to overwhelm. fall back within yourself and rely on the things that are most core to who you are. you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find there.

for my own part, i have been hopeful that president obama would continue to emote the sense of confidence and hope that inspired so many through the election process. in many ways he has. but, most recently in working to get the stimulus package through, cracks seem to be forming… or a back-slide to some politcal games. the rhetoric of our economy and the global economy going from bad-to-worse or from ‘critical to catastrophic’ is exactly what we don’t need right now.

as i’d mentioned in an earlier post, our monetary systems are as much or more an economy of trust than anything else. as such, we need to engender and bolster that trust through genuine confidence. our leaders need to lead right now. i hope to see more language like that from this new president, and frankly any other leader out there… myself included. we won’t get out of this morass in any other way. we have to will ourselves out of it and the first steps are taken from a confidence within.

for my own part, i call it a ‘be here now’ focus. understanding yourself and what’s around you and acting as best you can. but the point is to act, be positive, and keep moving. we all have to do that. reduce the noise. turn off the news. be yourself.