ted's not scared, so why are you?

(thanks in advance to Jeff Leitner for sharing the following with me this past week. this is a blog posting that must be shared wherever it can be…)

Andy Sernovitz spent the past week at the TED Conference. He came back with the following report:

I just spent a week at the TED conference, with some of the most fascinating people in the world.

What I learned at TED:

  1. Nice guys finish first.
  2. We’re going to be just fine.  A lot of smart, caring people are doing all the right things.
  3. It’s too late for pessimism.  Be optimistic–it’s how things get better.
  4. Necessity is the mother of invention. Thankfully, we live in a world where wealthy geeks have become inventor philanthropists.
  5. Compassion and love run strong in this world.

Organizer Chris Anderson closed with this big idea:

I’m not sure whether the optimists or the pessimists are right, but I know this: The optimists are going to get something done.

this is simple logic that must be adopted across the board, and across the world. we need to stop freaking ourselves out. bankers are spending every day locked in their offices with news tickers bearing down on their failures, speculating on their next moves, and promising armageddon born of federal missteps yet to even be taken. conferences, on the other hand, are getting people together and talking through the common sense realities of what we’re up against. they are right. the news and apparently all other media outlets are wrong. i liken it to offering help to a wounded animal. it’ll bite your hand off no matter your intentions. the only thing to do is make the environment around it as good as you can.